Stop Smoking Now To Enjoy The Rest Of Your Life

Deciding to stop smoking now is easier said than done, not a few smokers would say. How many smokers recite “stop smoking now” like a mantra each year, especially a few minutes before New Year’s Day? No matter how hard these hardcore smokers try, it’s just plain different to decide to stop smoking now and to actually do it. This is because nicotine, the harmful substance in tobacco, is highly addictive, and it would take more than a firm decision to kick the habit of smoking.

But as they say, everything is accomplished by beginning at some point. And once you decide to stop smoking now, all the rest of the steps will fall into place. The earlier you resolve to get off nicotine, the better!

It’s improbable, but not impossible

In order to keep you from being frustrated, it’s best to be informed right now that quitting cold turkey is highly improbable. However, it’s not at all impossible. There are many former smokers who merely resolved to take control of the situation and got rid of the nasty habit forever.

Stop Smoking Side Effects Can Make Quitting Difficult

Many stop smoking aids are designed around the principle that one of the most difficult things to deal with in smoking cessation is its side effects. This is why there are a handful of nicotine-based aids – specifically to help the smoker manage the stop smoking side effects better.

A stop smoking side effect that the smoker himself would instantly notice when he starts eschewing tobacco is a shift in the blood sugar level. The quitter would suddenly need to satisfy his sweet tooth and reach for anything sweet. It isn’t that smoking is responsible for putting sugar into your bloodstream; it’s more of the effect of nicotine’s stimulant properties that affects the blood sugar levels.

Furthermore, one who has just given up smoking would tend to put something in his mouth to replace the act involved in smoking of putting a stick in the mouth and lighting up. Because of this, many new quitters experience weight gain as a stop smoking side effect during the first few weeks of staying away from smoking.

As far as behavior is concerned, a nasty stop smoking side effect is being irritable and aggressive. Due to the smoker’s habit of reaching for a cigarette during times when he is tense, it’s only natural that he would feel irritable if that security blanket – in this case, the cigarette – is taken away from him during those times he needs it most.

As a result of this stop smoking side effect, many people around a person who is just starting to quit give in out of frustration and provide the smoker with the cigarettes he is craving, just to keep the tension to a minimum. By doing so, he has not helped the smoker kick the habit.

When one suddenly stops smoking, his body instantly plummets into a state of loss. The stop smoking side effects he may experience during the first few days are restlessness and depression. Depression has been linked to nicotine withdrawal while restlessness is related to the individual’s loss of anything to do with his hands while idle. These symptoms usually stop within a month.

For smokers who have been used to smoking while performing intense mental work, a common stop smoking side effect is lack of concentration and difficulty doing creative work, such as writing. This, too, disappears after about a couple of weeks.

Not a few quitters report the stop smoking side effect of waking up in the middle of the night. Again, this may be due to nicotine withdrawal, and the body may be asking for its nicotine fix at this time of the night. Some say they feel lightheaded, but this goes on for only a few days.

Stop smoking aids such as nicotine replacement treatments are designed to make the stop smoking side effects more manageable. They also try to eliminate one’s dependency on the replacement product so that over time, one can satisfactorily survive even without both tobaccos and the stop smoking aid.

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Ways To Stop Smoking For A Healthier Lifestyle

Set up a neatly laid out plan if you’re already determined to give up the smoking habit. Learn lessons from those who have tried but failed. Indeed, there are several ways to stop smoking but only a few kick the habit for good. This is because nicotine, the harmful substance in tobacco, is extremely addictive. In fact, it can be nearly as addictive as some prohibited drugs such as heroin. Because of this, many ways to stop smoking are rendered useless since people helplessly revert to their old ways as soon as withdrawal symptoms start to set in.

The best ways to stop smoking should take into consideration these difficult withdrawal symptoms and introduce a gradual weaning from nicotine. Some people are successful at quitting cold turkey but this is very rare.

Have a plan of action

List down your most preferred ways to stop smoking and prioritize them from first to last. At the onset, you should be prepared for failures and must have a fallback if in case one way to stop smoking won’t succeed. The key to kicking the habit is never giving up if a particular method fails you.

After you list down the potential ways to stop smoking, set a date for when you’ll start your new life. Next, get rid of all the smoking paraphernalia in your home, such as lighters and ashtrays. The last thing you’ll need when you’re in the process of quitting is to come across things that would remind you of the habit.

One of the best ways to stop smoking [] is to avoid all the places that encourage you to light up. Choose restaurants without smoking sections, for instance. Spend your spare time in the library, where you can hardly find a place where you’re allowed to have a drag.

Furthermore, as crazy as it sounds, you need to associate yourself with non-smokers during this crucial period. Your smoking friends would understand it. But to make these ways to stop smoking work for you, you also have to solicit their support beforehand.

Your family members, for instance, need to be informed of your decision to stop smoking so they can give you their all-out support. Despite having found all the best ways to stop smoking, they won’t be very effective if they’re not around you when you need them for encouragement.

Lastly, you may want to consult your doctor who is in the best position to suggest other ways to stop smoking. He will first need to examine your physical health to assess your smoking habits and suggest the methods that would be most appropriate for you.